Irish Whip Fighting Credits

I'm going to try to keep this from sounding like an Oscars speech, but it's not going to be easy.

Of course, we owe lots of credit to the folks over at blogger for giving all this free space. Dailymotion has been awesome too, for letting us link their videos. The meteoric rise in traffic can be attributed to Fight Opinion and Sherdog, so thanks for all the links, guys.

I know I'd like to thank all the writers for contributing to this awesome site. Drew, specifically, for thinking it was an awesome idea while we weren't paying attention together in International Relations. Masson ("The Lianger") gets big props too for bringing most of our MMA coverage to the site.

Finally, I want to thank my girlfriend (and the girlfriends of all our writers, I'm sure) for putting up with me while I "just need to check the site one more time." Also, for feigning interest when I tell her we got a hit from Croatia or Botswana. She's been wonderful and supportive throughout.

Update: Best Week (And Month) On Record

On the map below, displaying the last week in traffic, the dots represent the number of visitors from that region. The largest dots stand for anywhere between 100 and 999 visitors. Last week, we broke our single-day record with 12,312 unique visits and our single-week record with 27,085 unique visitors. Thanks fans!